Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weekend Pics

Well I'm certainly behind on EVERYTHING! Hard to believe a week ago I had my feet up in front of a lovely wood fire enjoying a nice glass of wine (sigh). I love this pic taken in the village - all the ducks were frantically moving around (thinking we had food) but this one fella seems to be standing still - alone in a crowd.
The weather was not horrible - but not great either. Only one day with real sun.

These are early morning shots. You can kinda tell how windy and cold it was (nothing compared to some of our friends in Europe though).
The reflection in the harbour was wonderful.

This old shed used to contain all the equipment for the volunteer firefighters who lived on our road. It sits across the road from our place. Unfortunately there was a terrible fire in the village while we were there - the pub burnt down early one morning -very sad. The current owners had only just taken it over. Fortunately they escaped - but the building was pretty much destroyed and it was a local landmark...the good news is they do plan to rebuild.
In the village all the boats were pulled out of the water for the winter. The building up in the right hand corner - that's the village library I often talk about.
Well we will be back at Christmas - can't wait ( the canoe has now taken up residence in our living room for the rest of the winter as we do not have another building large enough to house it LOL). Cheers. Jewels


  1. What a picturesque village, Julie! Love the darling picture of the ducks. It is apparent why you love being at your cottage - I could move right in and be so content!

  2. It looks beautiful, Jewels. Like somewhere I would want to go and watch ducks and paddle around (in the warmer weather!!). I am glad you are going again at Christmas-time. xo lenna

  3. THe pictures are wonderful, and the canoe in the living room, well, that could be decorated around or better yet throw a quilt over it. lol