Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yes I have a few but that's not what this post is about LOL....this weekend I caught up with all my "frame and hang" projects that I've been putting off and this is what I got done...
I really love thrifting old frames and reusing them. This frame originally had a rather colouful drawing of a cat which both Mr. Darcy and I agreed had to be removed.. I found the picture in a separate thrift up at the cottage in frame that was in really rough shape. This is now hung in the coffee/tea corner of my kitchen. 
This frame originally had a sketch of a street scene (somewhere in Europe) which is actually going to get added into an art journal I am working on. I have always loved this page which came from an old poetry gift book - you can read my original post on how I found a collection of these here at a book sale. It's not very big (4 1/2 x 5 1/2) so I am going to leave on the stand.
I recently came across this art piece by Perky Nihilist online. I like the sentiment so I purchased a print ....
...and placed in this rather ornate frame - but I think it goes well with the castle theme don't you? This hangs in my office. 
Finally - talk about a quick project - I gathered some vintage quilt squares I had, old button cards and sewing ephemera to come up with this collage. This now hangs over my kitchen window.
So glad I finally got around to this - slowly filling in all that white space on my walls! Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lovin the Stamp People

I have had fun doing Stamp People lately which you will have seen in recent posts. I have come to appreciate how diverse and beautiful old stamps can be. It is not quick process to select just the right one - but it does force you to look at stamps more closely and see the art in them. Jo, Lenna and I did a Mail Art Exchange to try this and here is what I received.
Jo's showed up first - she has a wonderful sense of humour which I really appreciated with this postcard...
Get it, get it? And the envelope was just as grand more about it here...
Lenna's card was rich with colour and...
...embellishments which really make her card pop! Sadly, I have misplaced her envelope ( I am certain it is in a "safe place" as usually happens around here). When I opened it a flurry of little paper birds fell out that she had added...very appropriate for her card given the stamp image.

I know I will do these again as they really stretch your imagination. But next up we are doing a Renaissance Mash Up (however we each interpret it LOL) - mine are started I just need to get them final. It was actually quite fun to put together. Enjoy. Jewels.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It seems sad to live in old shoe boxes - for the most part face down. Coming out every now and then to be admired.
We are all "vintage" (well, 1960's for sure). I am probably the oldest (50's?) - a Klumpe Rodan felt doll an Aunt gave to my owner.
We were a Christmas present in 1967 while the family was in England visiting relatives.
Even the boys are a little miffed about living in a box....
So here is the pickle - do we stay in the box or come out? And if we do come out where do we go? A little strange to be on display - so any suggestions? We could actually move out all together but our owner says that ain't happenin (phew sigh of collected relief)... Jewels

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentine Swap

It's been awhile since I did an ATC swap. Kimberly always has great ones so I decided to participate in her latest challenge. I suddenly realized the deadline was only a week away!!! So this weekend was spent getting them done.
I did a lot of hem/haws - vintage photo? cute cupids? or??? till I found this image over at Magic Moonlight. 
The background is an old cutter quilt I found years ago and have made very good use of. Then just rummaged through my bits and pieces.
All three are done - need to pack up and get in the post! Enjoy. Jewels