Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It seems sad to live in old shoe boxes - for the most part face down. Coming out every now and then to be admired.
We are all "vintage" (well, 1960's for sure). I am probably the oldest (50's?) - a Klumpe Rodan felt doll an Aunt gave to my owner.
We were a Christmas present in 1967 while the family was in England visiting relatives.
Even the boys are a little miffed about living in a box....
So here is the pickle - do we stay in the box or come out? And if we do come out where do we go? A little strange to be on display - so any suggestions? We could actually move out all together but our owner says that ain't happenin (phew sigh of collected relief)... Jewels


  1. See if Prism has a cabinet. Shelf won't protect them from dust. Jen

  2. Wonderful old dolls in your box! Love this old ones with her Colors and style. At my Roof is such a box also :) Thank you for reminding.
    Greeetings from Erika

  3. They are wonderful, Jewels, although they could look slightly creepy with their dead eye stares - so if you put them in a cabinet make sure you put it somewhere that you won't catch sight of in the dark and give yourself the heebie-jeebies!!


  4. A small glass wall cupboard would be nice. Nothing too big, but with glass to keep off the dust. I bet you could find something nice and it would provide and adventure. Wish I was near to help you find just the right home for these treasures.

  5. I missed you at the meeting last night. I'll bet you didn't know an interesting fact about me. I have about 40 or so Madame Alexander Dolls. Some are about 40 or so years old. They are worth some good money. They reside also in their boxed homes. That is sad, isn't it. What to do, what to do.

  6. I can almost hear their cheers of joy that they have been released from the prison of the shoebox. Could they be showcased in a shadowbox? I think they could be cute hung on the wall.

    xo Danielle

  7. Oh Jewels...they all look a little stunned, perhaps it's the brightness of the daylight after being tucked away in their little boxes LOL!...So are you going to display them? Jan x

  8. I am not sure if I would put them in a cabinet . . . . at first I thought a basket, but dust seems to be a consideration. Maybe some type of wooden house, open to the front? Perhaps you could find one thrifting? I guess I don't like the idea of behind glass!! I am sure you will figure out something, just let the ideas float around and see what makes sense :)