Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lovin the Stamp People

I have had fun doing Stamp People lately which you will have seen in recent posts. I have come to appreciate how diverse and beautiful old stamps can be. It is not quick process to select just the right one - but it does force you to look at stamps more closely and see the art in them. Jo, Lenna and I did a Mail Art Exchange to try this and here is what I received.
Jo's showed up first - she has a wonderful sense of humour which I really appreciated with this postcard...
Get it, get it? And the envelope was just as grand more about it here...
Lenna's card was rich with colour and...
...embellishments which really make her card pop! Sadly, I have misplaced her envelope ( I am certain it is in a "safe place" as usually happens around here). When I opened it a flurry of little paper birds fell out that she had added...very appropriate for her card given the stamp image.

I know I will do these again as they really stretch your imagination. But next up we are doing a Renaissance Mash Up (however we each interpret it LOL) - mine are started I just need to get them final. It was actually quite fun to put together. Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. oops! I think I just deleted my first comment by signing out by mistake! If this is a repeat disregard, if not I wanted to say I loved reading your write-up on our exchange. Thank you again for your gracious patience waiting for me. I do have a photo of your envelope (with Jo's) should you need it!! xoxox

  2. Awesome Jewels!! Very 'outside the box'. Love them both :D

  3. Those postage stamp people are getting a lot of play. These recent ones just seem to fit so well together. Great job, Jewels.

  4. I love these! I've been seeing these stamp head people on a few different sites, and I am so intrigued by them. I've only done one, on a postcard awhile back, and I love it...I am definitely going to have to "revisit" them as a project.