Sunday, January 31, 2010

GREAT Show...

If you like British Police shows, you will LOVE the series Life on Mars.

Detective Sam Tyler, the main character, is "knocked unconscious by a hit and run driver in 21st century Manchester" (this immediately caught hubbies eye as that is where is he from). When Sam comes to it is 1973 - all the episodes revolve around him adjusting to the very unpolitically correct times and trying to figure out how to get back home. How women are treated makes you grind your teeth but the stories are just wonderful, and the resolution at the end (which I won't spoil for you) is totally unexpected (I've watched it 3 times now). It was a time warp for me as I was in high school back then and knew all the music. Like many good British shows it only has 16 episodes (I could have easily watched more!). They now have another series, Ashes to Ashes, with the same premise but this time it is a policewoman going back to the 1980s - can't wait for it to be available here! Of course they tried to make an American version which did not make it (when will they learn, only the Brits can do this kind of stuff well). Five out of Five stars I say.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Much...

...goin on here - just swamped with work. These days I've tried to put a little time aside to do some "experimentin".
Like "felting wool" - okay, it intrigued me how to do it (and I do have a project in mind which I'll get to eventually). This was not going to be a big investment so off to one of my favorite Thrift Shops.
The dear that sold this to me thought it was going to look lovely on me (did not have the heart to tell her that a. it was too big and b. what I was about to do to it).
So I threw in the washer...
...and after some time in the dryer it came out quite nice (the picture does not do the colour justice).
I've also gotten back to crocheting after being inspired by
Lucy over at Attic 24 - she does some brilliant stuff. So I pulled out the hooks, an old pattern book and I 've been working on a pillow cover - should be very colourful.I've also experimented with some other shapes.
Beth has got me thinking about an Altered Book - so far I took the plunge and did some major surgery on an old (free) book I found to try out.
Believe you me, the librarian in me was screaming DON'T DO IT now I have to get some pages done to justify the mutilation that occurred...I'm thinking some cool retro ladies ...
Finally, who could resist.
I have not bought "new" fabric in a very long time.
But this had owls!
You know how I feel about owls! How CUTE!
And other pretty prints - so I caved...and I do have plans for this to...just not the time....(hmm, looks like I just added 4 more UFOs to my stack, sob).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Are you counting down to the games? Not everyone is a fan but I have to say for me the biggest draw is……
Women’s Hockey! Something about women beating the crap out of each other I think (LOL).
And the 2010 Captain, Hayley Wickenheiser is my hero –

one of the toughest gals around. No namby pamby figure skating for her...
Doesn’t hurt the Olympics are in Canada this year either… Hubby actually saw part of the Torch Relay while we were home at Christmas.

All I can say is, I’ll have my favorite toque on (I'm expecting comments from Sis on this pic) and will be glued to the TV for a couple of weeks (or at least until the hockey play offs)….what will you be watching?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Crafty

I love to get crafty...but there are not enough minutes, hours, days etc. to get to it! Which is why when I do get those so few windows of opportunities I leap at the chance. Case in point...
I have a lot of teacups - which a matter of fact is NOT accidental.

Yes I was fortunate enough to have some given to me by my friendly cottage neighbour, and those I will keep.

But I also started picking them up at thrift shops for a "project". In Canada you find them everywhere - and at the right price (very important).
So recently two independent events suddenly aligned - I was cleaning out cupboards and found a stash (aren't they nice) AND I have to bring the door prize to Guild this month.

It was all I needed to start getting crafty.

It starts with making a pincushion - I used a pattern from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts (with some adjustments - and the fabric is not as yellow as it actually looks in the picture - I'm getting better with my photos but still improving!).
I then had to affix the cup and saucer using super strength glue (lesson learned, don't go overboard! otherwise you end up using Goo Be Gone to get rid of extra glue in the wrong places).
And voila...
...I think it turned out alright.

But let me know what you think - I was going to make more for our upcoming Bazaar - would you purchase one (at a reasonable price - and all monies go to the Guild you know)? Some of you may not enter the door prize now as this may not be your "cup of tea" ( bad pun, har har).
Guild also means ATCs - this month our theme was "Don't Quote Me"....I have had this quote tucked away for some time now and finally got to use it (man you can tell I'm a librarian). Claire already gave us hers last month - a clever collection of quotes in an ATC with pockets - can't wait to see what Carol and Deb come up with. Later, Jewels.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Morning Ritual

Mummy and I have this thing (well really, I do if it involves food) we do at breakfast, especially in the winter.

She very much likes her hot oatmeal (with a few raisins, almonds and soymilk). I very patiently wait until she is finished and then....'s all mine - I don't even have to share with my brother!
AND its lip smacking good....

Thanks Mummy - so when's lunch (heh, I cleaned the dish didn't I)? XO Miss Gwendoline

Friday, January 8, 2010


I’ve been trawlin my favorite blogs and many have talked about New Year’s resolutions – we all go through it, don’t we? I’ve been considering mine. Of course there are the usual (Floss teeth regularly, Laugh at Hubby’s jokes, Walk Puppies more often, Be kind to Telemarketers (that last ones a toughie)). But I realize I need to keep it simple – and that 2010 should be just about that! So here are my resolutions:
Do Less – yep, are you like me? Juggling a gazillion things? Between working hard all week (and sometimes weekends) with my “day” job, and then being a domestic engineer on weekends, plus add in all those extra things I find myself doing – well you either end up doing many things kind of “half ass” or prioritize in such a way you don’t get to things you LIKE to do…so this year, figure out a way to “Do Less”. I hate being an over achiever anyways…
Take Time – there are many folks in my life (one in particular ;->) that I plan to take more time with – just enjoy being with them (doing less will help with this one) and live for the moment. Seriously, you only get one chance at life and you’ll certainly be sorry when you can no longer “Take Time” to be with them.
Slow Down – whoa, it drives Hubby crazy when I’m madly rushing about getting things done (ANOTHER Do Less fall out). Driving to work my first day back from holiday I could not help but be struck (not literally thank goodness) by how fast everyone was going to get back to work (of all places)! I certainly did not feel that motivated to get my pitouty in my desk chair. So “Slow Down” and savor the journey.
Be Inspired – actually this is an easy one – ever since I started blogging I’ve been constantly inspired by others. The trick is taking it the next step – creating my own art and, hopefully, inspire others. So keep sharing all those wonderful ideas my friends!

That’s it –mid year I’ll check back with you on how well I’m doing. 2010 is off to a great start! Cheers, Jewels

Monday, January 4, 2010

Decoration Etiquette

Oh Sugar Plums! She was all “ewhhh look at all my lovely Christmas decorations” a few weeks ago. But then we heard there are limits for beings such as ourselves (and who decides that!). Apparently there is an unspoken etiquette to how much time we can be seen by others (though we’ve heard some of our neighbors leave our brother lights up all year round – where’s the fairness in that!)
We had happily taken over the sitting area ...

and the fireplace mantle.
We thought (once again) we could stay out forever – how cruel to lead us on so.
But alas, it was not meant to be – we are to be relegated to the dudgeon, er basement for another 11 months (only mice live down there you know).
Now really, what do Hearts, Leprechauns and Rabbits have that we don’t? Are they really more pretty/handsome/cute then us?
There’s no use fighting it though – she’s bigger then us and started working out again (something about New Years resolutions???). She has also been muttering about “cold and snow” – like that’s OUR fault! Other blogging friends have led her to believe Spring is just around the corner (hmmpf, she's in for a shock).
So adieu good friends – we know many of you share the same fate. We shall see you all next December – au revoir (sniff).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Holiday Memories

Well we are safely back at Maple Hill after a wonderful, long break at the Cottage. We only had a few hours (really) of sun, but lots of fun taking long walks in the snow, enjoying the fire (and the wine) and generally being lazy. Here are some of the sights (some things I cannot explain - just what cottage life is all about LOL).

Yes, it was as cold as it looks!
Miss Gwendoline, in particular, had to be kept warm - don't you think she looks stylish in her red Long Johns (not her favorite item to put on).

Elephants at the cottage? Hmmm

Some of our neighbours have lovely little settings out front, like this one...

Still more brrrr....
This was the view from my favorite chair overlooking the harbour

This boat has been "land locked" for some time now.

Well that's it for now - more to come - and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone (may even share my resolutions with you)....Cheers, Jewels