Friday, January 8, 2010


I’ve been trawlin my favorite blogs and many have talked about New Year’s resolutions – we all go through it, don’t we? I’ve been considering mine. Of course there are the usual (Floss teeth regularly, Laugh at Hubby’s jokes, Walk Puppies more often, Be kind to Telemarketers (that last ones a toughie)). But I realize I need to keep it simple – and that 2010 should be just about that! So here are my resolutions:
Do Less – yep, are you like me? Juggling a gazillion things? Between working hard all week (and sometimes weekends) with my “day” job, and then being a domestic engineer on weekends, plus add in all those extra things I find myself doing – well you either end up doing many things kind of “half ass” or prioritize in such a way you don’t get to things you LIKE to do…so this year, figure out a way to “Do Less”. I hate being an over achiever anyways…
Take Time – there are many folks in my life (one in particular ;->) that I plan to take more time with – just enjoy being with them (doing less will help with this one) and live for the moment. Seriously, you only get one chance at life and you’ll certainly be sorry when you can no longer “Take Time” to be with them.
Slow Down – whoa, it drives Hubby crazy when I’m madly rushing about getting things done (ANOTHER Do Less fall out). Driving to work my first day back from holiday I could not help but be struck (not literally thank goodness) by how fast everyone was going to get back to work (of all places)! I certainly did not feel that motivated to get my pitouty in my desk chair. So “Slow Down” and savor the journey.
Be Inspired – actually this is an easy one – ever since I started blogging I’ve been constantly inspired by others. The trick is taking it the next step – creating my own art and, hopefully, inspire others. So keep sharing all those wonderful ideas my friends!

That’s it –mid year I’ll check back with you on how well I’m doing. 2010 is off to a great start! Cheers, Jewels


  1. I have recently shared this with several of the college students around me that are searching for "what to be". I have always tried to do something that you love to do and it will never seem like work....I loved teaching, and they paid me, I love cooking, so my family eats, i love being a mom and wife so I do think that we are for the most part a happy family and I love quilting, the people that I know from quilting and the joy of creating quilts so I quilt..... lol So.. New Years resolution for me is perhaps try to enjoy more things. lol

  2. Julie, good stuff! Being as old as I am, I already do less and have slowed way down - but it is good to simplify life as much as possible earlier. I am still inspired by people and nature and enjoy my family and friends no end. My quilting and now this blogging keeps me busy and contented. And how blessed I have been with my health. So if housework doesn't get done and I don't cook much, what the hell? Life is good.

  3. This isn't a resolution as much as a to do list- your post reminded me I still owe my husband his page a day Get Fuzzy calendar- and then I should probably make a resolution to laugh when he reads them to me in the morning.

    Other than the usual resolution that I make every other week, eat better, get more exercise- the thing I'm going to try to do in 2010 is read more and watch less TV. I've kept a reading journal since 1983 and have written down books as I read them- and 2009 was the fewest books since 1989. I read more books when I was working full time and going to school at night.