Monday, January 4, 2010

Decoration Etiquette

Oh Sugar Plums! She was all “ewhhh look at all my lovely Christmas decorations” a few weeks ago. But then we heard there are limits for beings such as ourselves (and who decides that!). Apparently there is an unspoken etiquette to how much time we can be seen by others (though we’ve heard some of our neighbors leave our brother lights up all year round – where’s the fairness in that!)
We had happily taken over the sitting area ...

and the fireplace mantle.
We thought (once again) we could stay out forever – how cruel to lead us on so.
But alas, it was not meant to be – we are to be relegated to the dudgeon, er basement for another 11 months (only mice live down there you know).
Now really, what do Hearts, Leprechauns and Rabbits have that we don’t? Are they really more pretty/handsome/cute then us?
There’s no use fighting it though – she’s bigger then us and started working out again (something about New Years resolutions???). She has also been muttering about “cold and snow” – like that’s OUR fault! Other blogging friends have led her to believe Spring is just around the corner (hmmpf, she's in for a shock).
So adieu good friends – we know many of you share the same fate. We shall see you all next December – au revoir (sniff).


  1. It's alright my cousins. My lady has gone and done the same thing to us! She even had to go and buy more bins.....something about adding to her Santa collection and not having enough storage.
    Even though we are being put away for another season, relish in the thought that next time she opens up the boxes and pulls you out for display, her reaction will once again be like a giddy school girl. Her excitement will be contagious and you will sit there proudly for all to see.
    Above all else, NEVER feel second best to a bunch of hearts, leprechauns and rabbits. They will never even come close to the love she has for you! Christmas is one holiday that cannot be replaced by any other. See you next time! xoxo

  2. Well Julie, my Christmas is packed away for the season and my snowmen have been scattered around the house, not to mention all of my snowmen quilts. I keep them up until March, they make me happy and keep the winter spirits going alittle bit longer than we allow the Christmas decorations to hang around.