Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Much...

...goin on here - just swamped with work. These days I've tried to put a little time aside to do some "experimentin".
Like "felting wool" - okay, it intrigued me how to do it (and I do have a project in mind which I'll get to eventually). This was not going to be a big investment so off to one of my favorite Thrift Shops.
The dear that sold this to me thought it was going to look lovely on me (did not have the heart to tell her that a. it was too big and b. what I was about to do to it).
So I threw in the washer...
...and after some time in the dryer it came out quite nice (the picture does not do the colour justice).
I've also gotten back to crocheting after being inspired by
Lucy over at Attic 24 - she does some brilliant stuff. So I pulled out the hooks, an old pattern book and I 've been working on a pillow cover - should be very colourful.I've also experimented with some other shapes.
Beth has got me thinking about an Altered Book - so far I took the plunge and did some major surgery on an old (free) book I found to try out.
Believe you me, the librarian in me was screaming DON'T DO IT now I have to get some pages done to justify the mutilation that occurred...I'm thinking some cool retro ladies ...
Finally, who could resist.
I have not bought "new" fabric in a very long time.
But this had owls!
You know how I feel about owls! How CUTE!
And other pretty prints - so I caved...and I do have plans for this to...just not the time....(hmm, looks like I just added 4 more UFOs to my stack, sob).


  1. Very cool, Julie! Love the pink wool. It's okay to have projects started - you can add to your collections and work on them when you get a chance. Crocheting is a great thing to have on hand since that is one thing you can do without too much concentration. And I love the little Aunt Gracie fabrics. Good job, girl friend! Carol

  2. OMG!!! I can't believe my eyes!!! The book queen has committed a cardinal librarian sin - my sister desecrated (spelling?)a can you live with yourself!? I'm sure it was much more painful for the book than it was for you. That was one heckuva knife woman!
    J xox