Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Crafty

I love to get crafty...but there are not enough minutes, hours, days etc. to get to it! Which is why when I do get those so few windows of opportunities I leap at the chance. Case in point...
I have a lot of teacups - which a matter of fact is NOT accidental.

Yes I was fortunate enough to have some given to me by my friendly cottage neighbour, and those I will keep.

But I also started picking them up at thrift shops for a "project". In Canada you find them everywhere - and at the right price (very important).
So recently two independent events suddenly aligned - I was cleaning out cupboards and found a stash (aren't they nice) AND I have to bring the door prize to Guild this month.

It was all I needed to start getting crafty.

It starts with making a pincushion - I used a pattern from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts (with some adjustments - and the fabric is not as yellow as it actually looks in the picture - I'm getting better with my photos but still improving!).
I then had to affix the cup and saucer using super strength glue (lesson learned, don't go overboard! otherwise you end up using Goo Be Gone to get rid of extra glue in the wrong places).
And voila...
...I think it turned out alright.

But let me know what you think - I was going to make more for our upcoming Bazaar - would you purchase one (at a reasonable price - and all monies go to the Guild you know)? Some of you may not enter the door prize now as this may not be your "cup of tea" ( bad pun, har har).
Guild also means ATCs - this month our theme was "Don't Quote Me"....I have had this quote tucked away for some time now and finally got to use it (man you can tell I'm a librarian). Claire already gave us hers last month - a clever collection of quotes in an ATC with pockets - can't wait to see what Carol and Deb come up with. Later, Jewels.


  1. Your project is very nice. I have my pin coushins already made for the quilt show, I think that I made a dozen to sell. Janet my neighbor and I also got together this summer with her grand daughter and made 8 different pin coushins for the show also. I think we may have a theme going, huh. I always buy one of Lori M.s at the show each year. I love her work also. See you tonight.

  2. This came out great, Jewels! I especially like the trim in the center - just a nice finishing touch.

  3. I cannot imagine how I missed this! A neat post and a darling door prize. Yes, I will buy one at our bazaar! Just lovely. I am going to go check and see if this post showed up on my blogger dashboard - don't see how I would have missed it. And thank you for the ride too.
    :-) Carol

  4. That is SO cute!!!Absolutely love it! You will sell tons of those for sure and if I had the time to be back into crafting I would buy one from you in a heartbeat! Way to go sis,,,,,,,,,you clever girl!

  5. Pretty teacups- but even better as a pin cushion- what a cute idea!

  6. I think you did all right, too! The colors in the pin cushion, the jewel in the middle... it's all perfect! Yes, you probably should make some for the bazaar.

    Womens' hockey, huh? Grinning and shaking my head.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's good to meet you!