Friday, January 22, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Are you counting down to the games? Not everyone is a fan but I have to say for me the biggest draw is……
Women’s Hockey! Something about women beating the crap out of each other I think (LOL).
And the 2010 Captain, Hayley Wickenheiser is my hero –

one of the toughest gals around. No namby pamby figure skating for her...
Doesn’t hurt the Olympics are in Canada this year either… Hubby actually saw part of the Torch Relay while we were home at Christmas.

All I can say is, I’ll have my favorite toque on (I'm expecting comments from Sis on this pic) and will be glued to the TV for a couple of weeks (or at least until the hockey play offs)….what will you be watching?


  1. Love your cute little teddy at the top of your blog, Jewels, and I love your hat! I am ashamed to admit I'm not much of a sports fan so usually don't watch. May your team win!! That Hayley is a cutie. Carol

  2. I'm not a big sports EXCEPT when the Olympics come around- I'll watch just about anything. I think its because they do so many human interest stories along with the competitions- and I like Anton Apollo Ono.

  3. Nice toque eh!!!!! LOL If THAT doesn't give you hat head I don't know what will!
    Ok, yes hockey is exciting but there is nothing like sleek sexy men in spandex jumping on a bobsled and swooshing through curves of solid ice. YUMMY!! I wonder what they wear under those things. I've never noticed any panty lines! OH CANADA, OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAAAAAAAAAAND!!!
    J xox