Saturday, August 24, 2013

Define Vintage

I have been looking for a piece of furniture for my office for some time now for storing supplies but I want it to be second hand so I have been regularly visiting my favorite places hoping I will get lucky...
This would fit the bill but sadly it is not the right size ...
Still I had to bring it home thinking it was very vintage - and just think of all the things I could tuck in those drawers! Old buttons, embellishments for artsy stuff, maybe even jewelry which it was originally intended for...
It does need a little tender loving care to clean it up (without hurting the patina of course)...
On the back I found a wind up for music! Surely this would help me date it - maybe some nice classical music like Beethoven or Chopin...

In anticipation I turned the crank and.....Yesterday by the Beatles started playing LOL...well I guess some would consider that vintage! I don't mind but I still need to find my big piece. Wish me luck...Enjoy Jewels

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another Quickie

I find when ever I can squeeeeeeeeezzzzz a few minutes into doing artsy stuff I go fast and furious...
I have a lot of cut out pieces in my stash that help - like this rather posh lady from an old magazine...
The floral background is a left over scrap from a Science text book that I used for some other project and the "tape" is a remnant from a package sent to me - always try to recycle when I can...
So another Glue Book spread knocked out - as long as I don't over think it I am good to go. Will be ready to work on my Glue Book Mail Art Swap soon :). Enjoy. Jewels

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Revisiting Glue Books

I really got the Glue Book bug when I joined Mary Green's class back in 2010. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - it really was the big change in my artsy direction and life. Along the way I have made so many friendships that remain firmly in place still today even though Mary no longer provides her virtual classes and her personal life has taken her on a different path (we will certainly miss her).
Lenna had the brilliant idea that our next Mail Art swap should celebrate Glue Books. I realized I had become rather rusty so decided to do a warm exercise so to speak. This is the Tyson family on Loon Lake, Aug 23rd 1946 (I wonder which Loon Lake - there are probably hundreds of them throughout North America).
Here is my spread using "fish" related pages from a sporting book. I added the stamp for some additional colour...hmmm I think I need to do some more to get back in the groove LOL. Enjoy. Jewels

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can you surry, can you picnic?

Lenna and I did a mail art swap with the theme "summer picnic". Always fun to see who will come up with what!
This card arrived in an envelope with the dashing Mr. D on it (who could resist!) I love the old picture and Lenna's caption...
Inside was an invite from her, and Asia and Chloe (what fun) for a picnic with myself and Mr. Darcy. I think they would all get along don't you (of course after proper introductions were made) - too bad Florida is such a long way away....this was a lot of fun.
I was off in all directions with mine - I found a graphic I was going to use and then I remembered an old song from one of my Fifth Dimension albums (okay, okay I am dating myself - but who can forget lyrics like "One less bell to answer, one less egg to fry" sniff lol)...
I took this picture from Dad's garden...
...and decided to make it all psychedelic for the background using the kaleidoscope feature in PaintShop.
Then added my not so psychedelic lady on her stone soul picnic ....Here are the blast from the past...(by the way, surry (not surrey the buggy) was a "made up" word from the woman - Laura Nyro - who originally wrote the lyrics). Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer of Colour Round Up

I had such a fun time doing my Girls of Summer collection for Kristin's  Summer of Colour 2013 challenge...
There was Ruth, Martha and Gaby on their road trip
Lulu being a typical teenager on vacation with her family
Our posh Vanessa the Butterfly Guide
Romantic Felicity in her garden
Poor Dorothy and her pain the you know what cousin Lewis
And finally Ronnie with her finance Edmond getting ready to bail LOL. I love them all but have to say Ronnie was my favorite - so I found an old frame (grab them any time I can) and will find a special place for her. Really looking forward to next year (have to be patient). Enjoy. Jewels

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calendar Collage: August

I think I have shared that I grew up in a town on the shores of Lake Huron in Canada. There is a little village outside of town that used to have a Summer Pavilion. In the 1940/1950's it was a popular spot for Big Bands to stop and play for summer dances.
I thought of that when creating my August calendar spread. She looks like she is ready for an evening summer dance don't you think?
Fun experimenting with water soluble wax pastels. Old music sheet, she is from one of my McCalls magazines, flowers fussy cut from wrapping paper. I am going to free style with my daily entries like last month. Enjoy. Jewels