Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calendar Collage: August

I think I have shared that I grew up in a town on the shores of Lake Huron in Canada. There is a little village outside of town that used to have a Summer Pavilion. In the 1940/1950's it was a popular spot for Big Bands to stop and play for summer dances.
I thought of that when creating my August calendar spread. She looks like she is ready for an evening summer dance don't you think?
Fun experimenting with water soluble wax pastels. Old music sheet, she is from one of my McCalls magazines, flowers fussy cut from wrapping paper. I am going to free style with my daily entries like last month. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. SUPER pages for your August calendar pages - they're really unusual and I love them!

    I also like that you're going to free style your daily entries, what a great idea.


  2. She looks a bit the floozy with her strap falling off one shoulder and a peek of cleavage. Love those white gloves. I still have mine in a box somewhere. Good job on the moon.

  3. Love it and the fact you used one of your old McCalls magazines. I have old patterns that I have used (copied them first) - I just love doing that. you go, jewels!

  4. Hi there

    Just noticed you on my followers list, thanks for stopping by. I love the look of your books, especially the storylines you give them all, wish I could be just as creative with journals.

  5. This is gorgeous I love what you did with this!!