Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank You

In life it is important to say "thanks", at least in my opinion (must be the Canadian in me, LOL). Someone - a stranger really - who I have met in Blogland - did something really nice for me. She does not know me at all. Does not live any where near me. Only socializes through the comments we leave in each other's "hood"....but she did this thing for me anyway.
So I felt it was important to say thank you properly. I made a little gift that is now in the post and on its way. I hope she likes it - seems to fit her sunny personality. I'll let you know.
And remember - say thanks every chance you get - to family, to friends, and to those folks who may be strangers, but deserve it. Honestly, it will make you feel great to! +Jewels+


  1. That is just darling, I am sure she will enjoy it.

  2. Julie, you are just amazing with your darling art projects! You have amassed such wonderful goodies to use and you most certainly know how to use them. That is just beautiful! Good job, my friend. Carol

  3. Very cute tag. I love the look of the tiny buttons on the flowers. And the colors are so bright and happy.

  4. So pretty - perfect colours and embellishments. Lovely happy tag.