Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's All About Balance

A while back Leslie posted some glue book pages she created - she said she would like to do a swap with some of them.
This is the one she sent me. Just lovely. I of course dragged my butt getting mine done - finally sent out a week before surgery.
I LOVE this image - I scanned because I am sure I will use again. The background includes an old map, dictionary page, vintage stamp, the cover from an old British travel brochure, and some pretty tape. Some ink for shading and some paint. It's all about balance! Another "I hate to let you go" but I know went to a good home! Enjoy Jewels


  1. Wow, Jewels, didn't realize you were so in love with this one. I'll enjoy the hell out of it if it makes you feel any better LOL cause it's a great collage. Good trade, thanks!

    1. Just leave it back to me in your will Leslie LOL

  2. Great collage, Jewels! I love that guy and the background is perfect for him!

  3. Beautiful work from both ladies, The colours and backgrounds are just awesome :0) x

  4. Great job, you guys. I never doubted yor talent. Miss our Mailart swaps. Must get going on my Christmas ornament. Hugs. b