Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring and being a Lazy Boots...

I treated myself to some flowers on the weekend to brighten up my kitchen. These lovely daffodils had not opened when I bought them.
Arn't they lovely? We have had remarkably warm temperatures for the last few days (in the 70's) and no sign of letting up soon. And notice that fella beside them on my window ledge.
My spring bunny - which gets me to being a Lazy Boots. This Tuesday's Tag was to include a "hare or rabbit". Well I did the ulitmate recycle.
And posted an ATC from a few years back. Still it met the theme - hoping they won't kick me out LOL. If your interested go on over and see everyones entries for this week. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Your daffs are so cheerful!

    Your ATC/tag is gorgeous so I think you're safe from being kicked out of the gang. We wouldn't have known anyway if you hadn't confessed! As usual I'm bringing up the rear with my tag and will hopefully have it done over the next few days.


  2. I prefer to think of your efforts as efficient, not lazy!