Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wow - A Week...

...has gone by already since we came back from Vacation. We had a splendid time despite rather wet weather (Miss Gwendoline agrees). Ate, drank, watched (as best we could on our poor old TV) the wedding - and slept an awful lot.

When we arrived we found our newly installed woodstove which we had not seen yet -isn't it lovely! And such a difference.

Plenty of animals arounds - herons, geese, a crazy woodpecker who thought our steel roof was a good way to get our attention (the rat a tat tat was something else) and Jack Rabbits EVERYWHERE - including this fellow dining on our sceptic bed. There was some snow still at the start but the rain and temperatures finally took care of it all.

Our little harbour was actually pretty low when we first arrived, but all the rain seemed to bring the levels back up looking at the before/after pics.
Got the canoe out of our living room (LOL) - you can see it out on the deck.

The village was pretty quiet but the locals were obviously starting to get ready for the season - a lot of cleaning up going on.
The Pub that burned down last Fall is slowly being built up again which everyone was very happy about - they hope to open again mid Summer.

And I got some art projects in - Mail Art to folks I am exchanging with... more on that later

Progress (?) I hope on my Little Book Swap - these ATCs are going into one of them...

And some other ATCs "just because"...

We took The Tank and she did really well but needed a good "bath" when we got back. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend and get life back to normal - though I am seeing ALOT of yard work that needs to get done (sigh, it never ends!). Heard my new favorite phrase on BBC1 the other day - to all my friends "Mind what your doing". Cheers, Jewels...


  1. Glad that you are back Julie and love as always your photos. I get such a feel for what you are doing. Remember when my oldest was off to MSU for college, well... He graduated this week and did it with high honors and department awards and scholorships. So very happy week for mom and dad. Now it is time for me to sit a spell also. See you Tuesday.

  2. VERY glad to see the pub being rebuilt. I think that would have left a big void in the harbour!! We are looking forward to going up a few times this summer and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    Nice stove!
    Let cottage season begin!!!!!
    J xox

  3. Even when the weather is less than perfect, your cottage looks like a lovely place to be.