Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden and Another First!

Well I know many of you will say "what's the fuss, we've been at it for ages" but this past weekend was the really first decent one to get into my garden. My mother always says "Don't plant before Victoria Day" and this year was no exception!
Lots to do including inventory of last year's pots, purchasing of annuals, general clean up.
I seem to be invaded by Violets suddenly. Last year I planted one (ONE) pack and it has spread like wildfire - not that I mind - they are so pretty and will last.. Will probably live to regret it.
Otherwise, nothing is really in bloom so no more pics - except for my latest "garden art" - hubby and I picked this up last year on our jaunt up north to Frankfort, MI...Reminds me of all our Monarchs at the cottage!
As for my first (I've had so many in the past year) - a mail exchange of ATCs. Isn't this lovely from Kim who does a weekly Tuesday swap! I also appreciate very much the packaging - I think it really shows how much people care when they take the time to "pretty things up" before they pop in the mail. Kim's them was Lavender and Lace - and when I opened her envelope there was a wonderful fragrance from the lavender seeds she included.

And this is what I sent in exchange from my own collection (actually this one is mine - I had extras I made last year). Think I will do this again! Enjoy, Jewels


  1. This is my big week to get in the garden, too! It's been a long winter and a very soggy spring, so I can't wait!

  2. Beautiful ATC's, both given and received.

    Good to hear you've been able to get out in the garden. We need some rain........


  3. I shopped on Monday and loosened dirt in pots and weeded last weekend. So... last night when the rain let up I planted with Leif. It is gently raining this morning and it looks so pretty to see the full pots. Have a great holiday weekend.

  4. My flowers are purchased but sitting on the patio waiting for me to put them in the containers. Will get them in this weekend for sure. Pretty butterfly!!

  5. Hope Mum doesn't see that butterfly! She may send someone on a mission to pinch it and I know where you are right now! I hear you about the garden though. Unfortunately all my perennials grew too quickly to be divided this year but both my new rain barrels are full so I guess that's a positive. I'm hoping to get out in the garden this weekend and get the rest of the planting finished. There is still a lot to do and the rain isn't helping the effort!
    J xox

  6. Hello Jewels, I just came over from Joanna's to meet your dogs. I love it that we can link up and meet one another this way.
    Gryphon and Miss Gewndoline are just aodrable. I am a big dog lover and their stories touched my heart. I used to volunteer for a rescue and many dogs were left on the road outside or tied to their gates.
    Your 2 beautiful dogs certainly look very happy and contented and are obviously much loved. One of my dogs, Roobarb eats mud too, also sheep poo, frozen rabbit droppings etc, but shows no ill effects :-D
    So nice to meet you all.