Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend Pics

We spent this past weekend in Canada at our favorite place. The weather was just wild going from high 30's F to over 90 F on the day we drove back (all in the space of 4 days!). Unfortunately the black flies (common this time of year) were out in full force which curtailed some of our walks around the harbour.
But I did manage to get out on one of the cooler and windy days (which helped).
Our area is known for wild orchids and flowers - the Trillium (did you know) is the official provincial flower of Ontario. There were plenty around. Unfortunately it has been a very cool and wet Spring so many of the other orchids I typically see were not out yet.

There were lots of lacey spider webs covered in morning dew...
Nature's own art!
A nice shot of the old Ice House on the neighbours property.

Did manage to pull some fresh asparagus from my very over grown garden.

On the way back we stopped for an outdoor lunch at a lake side park - don't know if you can tell how hazy it is over the water.
Miss Gwendoline, of course, couldn't care less - she was much more interested in left overs (LOL - you are so predictable my girl). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Wow, what a temperature difference in such a short time! Mmmmm, fresh asparagus, how yummy.

    Sweet pic of Miss G (caught in the act?!)


  2. what beautiful photos, jewels. My favorites are the first one of your cabin -so sweet, the asparagus in the colander -mmmmmmmmmm! and miss gwedoline licking her lips!!! does she like asparagus too?? ; ^ )glad you had a lovely time away. xo