Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Weekend!

Yep, this is it - the big weekend for summer. The one we've all been waiting for. The one I love to celebrate...

Canada Day of course - July 1st! There will be barbecues and fireworks and parades and (of course) lots of Canadian Beer. And Will and Kate are coming to Ottawa, our nation's capital, to help celebrate - what fun. Sadly, hubby and I are not making it to our homeland for the first time in many years - so we have to celebrate from afar.. and go to barbecues, fireworks and parades for July 4th instead (LOL). Whatever you plan to do, have a great (and safe) weekend...Cheers, Jewels.


  1. Hope you've had a good Canada day! Sorry you aren't going to get to your cottage, but have a relaxing fun weekend here, Julie!

  2. Isn't summer wonderful and isn't it nice to have a day to celebrate? Of course, I don't need a special day...everyday is a day to celebrate. Hope you have fun at your friends cottage. I'm sure we will be hearing firecrackers and fireworks popping all night long.