Saturday, July 16, 2011

That Felt Good

I feel a little (well actually alot ) MIA these days. Work is all consuming leaving little time for artsy things. It is also hard to get enthusiastic about blogging when one sits in front of a computer all day - sometimes I just need to get away from the dang thing...

That said I had an urge earlier today to cut and glue the good old fashioned way. Hard to believe it is a year ago I signed up for Mary's class and got introduced to gluebooks. I decided to start a new one - though I did hem and hah over a Moleskine or a different size...but this fella pretty much determined it was going to be the traditional route...
For this book I am going to try to stick with graphics and photos of children. I am also going to try hard to only use the REAL thing - no downloading and printing stuff. Everything from my stash (which is a good size now) which may force some thinking out of the box on my part. For this spread I used paper from an old atlas, dictionaries and two childrens book I thrifted. It did feel good just to be focused on this and "play". Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Great spread! I love the images you used!

  2. Oh Jewels, this is a wonderful spread! I am a huge fan of yours, you really know how to put pages together in what looks like an effortless way.

    Brilliant stuff!


  3. Have wondered what you were up to - and it looks like you took some time to start another great glue book. Just got electricity back after the big storm. Hate it when it goes out! Keep cool, Julie!!

  4. Great pages - I always like to see your gluebook pages!