Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Technique and Give Away...

On my last book purchase from Amazon I picked up some new ones on collage techniques.
I immediately fell in love with Jane Davies (author of Collage Journeys) latest book, Adventures in Mixed Media - lots of great ideas including how to make Fabric Paper.
Which I am sure is not "new" for many of you but it sure was for me - and such a simple thing to make.
Start with fabric (including one for your foundation), paper, tissue paper and a solution of water/white glue (2:1 ratio) and just start layering. It is a messy process (kinda reminds me of all those paper mache projects when I was young) and you do have to wait overnight for your end product to dry...
...but fun results - and this was my first try!
I made a big square so I could try different techniques on top - stamping, painting, aging...Davies gives more ideas in her book.
After a lot of experimenting I managed to create a gluebook spread (well I figure it is still involves cutting, gluing and paper so counts).
I also created some ATCs (thanks Lenna for the tip for my photo)...
...including one I would like to give away! Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw the lucky winner next weekend - be sure I can get to your email for fabric paper - I think the possibilities are endless! Enjoy, Jewels (p.s. feel free to give me a shout if you want more details on how to make...)


  1. I have Jane's Collage Journeys and love it - so I'll have to put this new book of hers on my ever growing wishlist! Your fabric paper looks very very cool.

    You know I love your artwork Jewels, so please put my name in the hat!


  2. Well...I stalked you from flickr! lol! Love the blog too! The fabric paper looks WAY cool, so I will definitely be trying this. Maybe I'll be successful and can blog about it and link back to you!


  3. I am in love with your fabric paper, Jewels!

  4. Very cool idea. It seems to hold up well to the other processes like ATCs and stamping etc. Isn't it fun to learn something new and have it turn out! Thanks for sharing, Jewels.

  5. I keep seeing people do this and it always comes out well, so guess I'll have to dig out my fabrics and give it a go. Nice job...