Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Bug Me Part 2

Here is what I received in return for my Mail Art that I talked about in my last post...You Bug Me Mail Art.
First to arrive was this lovely envelope from Beth. She just had an exhibit up where she lives near Traverse City. What a great combination of drawing, stamping and transfers.
When it arrived I was wondering about the length - until I saw the lovely vintage embroidery floss she included. She had found it thrifting and decided to send some out to all of us. Very thoughtful of her...
Next in the mail was Leslie's piece. I really love how she incorporated the theme into the address...
And this beautiful "bug" on the back. She included some pieces of ephemera (can never get enough new stuff) for me to include in my collaging...
Finally from Creative Lenna who decided she wanted to join in the fun this month (where does this girl find time to do all the things she does!).
I particularly loved her stamps - too cool. She also included some paper pieces for me to use.
I snapped these in my garden - thanks so much my friends! I don't think I will get bored with Mail Art any time soon....Jewels


  1. Those are all really fun to look at. Enjoy them. Are you keeping cool. I am trying.

  2. You were so sweet to put our envelopes up on your blog, Jewels -thank you!!!! They all look so great showcased here. Thanks for having me as a guest participant! xo lenna

  3. Great Mail Art envelopes, all so different and such fun! So Lenna's joined in your fun too, does that girl ever sleep?!