Sunday, July 31, 2011

Would You Like that Gift Wrapped?

We all have it - in boxes, bags, in the basement or the storage closet. Gads of wrapping paper - and I'm not just talking Christmas...

We have some we bought for a special occassion (wedding, christening, graduation) that we did not use up.

We have the garish (ugh)

And the kind that truly dates itself

Themes (please don't tell Miss Gwendoline we have this in the house) that may appeal to some

Though why would you want mushroom wrapping paper?

Some times if you are really, really lucky you find the sweet stuff ( I find mine thrifting and through my favorite Etsy shops)...

Old, but with a wonderful patina

The kind I like to use for collages - here I used a favorite on Mail Art

Or for wrapping small gifts for friends...
If your looking for something different for your art work, go check out the wrap you (or even better, an older relative) have tucked away. You just never know what you might find! Jewels

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  1. Yea, you're back! I know what you mean by the wrapping paper...I inherited it from my mother and aunt. Some works great for mailart or gift wrapping (you may see some of it :()However, I wonder what it would be like to recycle it and make it into paper. You know the kind where you put it in the blender with water. We could probably get you to do a tutorial..LOL. Seriously, I have found if I rub a thinned layer of burnt sienna over wrapping paper with a sponge square, I can make it look sorta vintage and a little more usable. That is if you like the paper at all. Maybe something to put in your children's gluebook.