Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Time

I really have NO time for putzin...none at all!
It's the weekend after all - so housework to do (argh) - this fella kinda reminds me of Don Draper - can you believe the next season for Mad Men is not until 2012 because of contract negotiations (that's two arghs)!!!
Groceries and other errands to run (argh) - I took a lovely hand made card I purchased from Barb last weekend (is that okay? Lenna would call it collaborative art :) I just want to give credit) and reinvented as an ATC - any ideas what the numbers I added are?
A trip to the vet for annual check up and shots (one argh from me, several from Miss Gwendoline) - this "Seaside Sweetie" is for a swap with Kimberly ...

...oh what the heck (everything, but the Vet, can wait)...Enjoy my latest ATCs.  I am up way past my bedtime...Jewels


  1. I love them jewels, love collaborative art too! But I have no idea what the 2825 signifies????

  2. I love these too. ATCism must be in the water. I think the numbers signify the number of times this mom has cooked something. Or maybe it is a take-a-number deal. Shuckle, chuckle.

  3. 4 MORE SLEEPS!!!! JOHNSON HARBOUR HEAR I COME!!! XOOX I need this more than you know!
    J oxoxxo

  4. Fun Stuff!!! Love this blog!! Im now a follower!Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us all!.If you get a chance id love it if you checked out my blog, we have Vintage in common and i also usually give away freebies too!
    Hugs June

  5. I thought her smile looked familiar... Collaborate away, my friend!