Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cigarette Cards

Earlier I shared the ATCs that I made as part of the Royalty Mail Art exchange with Leslie and Beth.

The “kingly” images were one of those happy coincidences. My husband just so happens to have a book of Cigarette Cards from the 1930’s that his dad had collected. They cover a range of topics…

Kings and Queens of England
Radio Celebrities
And Movie Stars
My favorite are the wildflowers…which I also hope to copy and use in the near future (I would never use the originals – they will stay in this rather tattered journal).
There are dozens of them. Funny how we do everything now to discourage smoking through packaging. The new rules just adopted in the States will help with that (we've been doing it in Canada for quite some time). I did a quick check on the Internet – yes Cigarette Cards are a collector item though ours are not in pristine condition…

Not that it matters – they will stay with us for now (I certainly would not be able to retire by selling them, LOL). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Oh Jewels, what a storehouse of vintage images. Sorry, I didn't see any cowgirls or bugs. I'm working on the bugs. Can't wait to finish because I have a great surprise to put in as a gift. '^))

  2. They are interesting aren't they? I often have a browse at those when we are at the local fleamarkets and my mum gave me some of the wild flowers cards, some time ago. ;-)

  3. The images are wonderful. I've got some originals too (collected by MY dad) and also some reproductions which I can, of course, use guilt-free.


  4. What a cool book of cigarette cards. You have the means of many wonderful ATCs and other art right there in your hands. I am sure you will put images of them to very good use! Enjoy your weekend! Carol

  5. what a great collection, jewels. And wonderful ATCs too! You could copy those cards and create collage sheets . . . new retirement fund?! xo