Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just completed my latest Mail Art exchange with my Peeps in California (Leslie) and Michigan (Beth). They both received my interpretation of our theme for the month “Royalty”. I had already received Beth’s and I know Leslies’ is on its way. I was actually impressed how quickly and what good condition mine arrived given my Post Office (PO – which Beth says means Pissed Off too, LOL) challenges.
Jo gave me great directions for gel medium transfer which I used here. I had a postcard of Queen Victoria that I photocopied and then “transferred” on to wall paper. Here are Jo’s instructions which I followed and they worked (patience, it seems, has a lot to do with it – hard for someone like me who wants instant gratification!).

Using your inkjet printer, print off an image on regular paper (flip it if it has words or numbers to ensure they will end up the right way round). I actually colour photocopied my picture, though I could have scanned it first if I wanted to. Cut out the image as desired. Use Mod Podge gel medium, but you can use Golden too, cover the FRONT of the image evenly with the gel medium, not too thinly or thickly, for that matter. Place it face down on your page/artwork and brayer it to ensure total adhesion (I personally took a few seconds to really stick it down). Allow it to dry properly – Jo suggests overnight and I agree. I tried to hurry the process but got a much better transfer by just leaving it be. Then carefully dampen the paper and rub off the backing (I lightly blotted with a damp paper towel). Keep rubbing until you get the effect you desire. Different results are achieved depending on the surface the transfer is on – mine happens to be on wallpaper!Yes those are individual 1 inch squares I cut out using my little square “punch” machine (what was I thinking) – I got the idea from Ella Jane who used this technique on a journal cover that I really liked. Papers are from scrapbooking, old catalogs, books, stuff I printed out (We Are Not Amused)…
The back image is from a wall paper I found online and just loved – those Guards look like they are “dancing”. And we get a lot of mail from Britain delivered to Maple Hill so I have lots of the Royal Airmail stickers…Eveything was Mod Podged down to ensure it remained “stuck”!
I had a lot of fun with my little “gift” I included – a Royalty ATC (I’ll post more about those later)…
…and a fun idea from Kimberly on how to “wrap” – each ATC was put in a pocket with a letter to my friends. I really enjoyed this (though it took me a while to get going). Our next theme for July is “You Bug Me” and it has to be primarily hand drawn – should be interesting! No Picassos from me, that’s for sure! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Your gel medium transfer turned out great, well done! I really like both envelopes and they are both so different! The second one reminds me of images in 1960's children's books. The ATC's and cases are fab too, you have been so busy!

    Hand drawn bugs? Ugh!!


  2. Loved doing that gel medium transfer some time ago. Remember rubbing it off with the back of a spoon. Your work is just so beautiful, Julie - I think you have found your niche.

  3. Great Stuff. I LOVE mail art and belong to Make every day a good mail day! Such fun. It's two in the morning ... I'll be back at first light .. he he. best, Donna PS: In case you don't have a clue who I am, you posted on my vintage glue book on flckr. You are so ORGANIZED. I should take it more seriously!

  4. Hi Jewels,
    Love your mail art and royal cards-it's all too wonderful!
    enJOY a lovely weekend,