Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Book Swap

Creative Lenna started a Little Book Swap a few weeks back. I've never made books like this before so I thought I would give it a go - and have learned a lot along the way...

My first book came together quite by accident. I had thrifted some old stationary just when the swap started and thought it would be ideal as a book cover. I did trim it down a bit to be a truly small book.

I used a technique I learned from Lenna using napkins to decorate the inside cover of the card.

My last post I shared the 4 ATCs I made to put inside - didn't they turn out well!

The facing pages are old sheet music and stamped with gold ink. Actually I used a lot of ink on this book!

The front cover with the message to "enter". The back cover includes a vintage stamp - hard to tell from the photos but there is just a trace of red throughout the book so this actually matches everything well. Anywho for my first book I was pretty happy. (Finished size 3 1/2 x 5 1/2)
Now my second book is entirely different. I used a one page technique (specific folding and cutting creates a four page book - very cool) which through trial and error finally got everything to line up properly. I have this old Danish gardening book that I thought I would use, just to be different. Use the Google Translator to find out what the title is.

This shot shows the back cover - the little graphic is from a Danish gardening association.

I think the inside pages kind of give away the type of gardening the book was all about. The text pages are originals that I treated with gesso and paints - you can't tell from the photos but it adds some subtle colour. Just hope the person who gets this likes it! (Finished size 2 3/4 x 4 1/4)
I'm debating a third book but the clock is ticking and I really need to get these in the post before Lenna's June deadline. It has been a lot of fun trying something different!
Mind what your doing! Jewels


  1. These are both gorgeous, Jewels - first try at book making or not! I like how they are so different, but each definitely has your style.

    I've only just started on my little books, I hope I haven't left it too late.......


  2. I love those, Julie!! You are really excelling in altered art!! If you still have them here, I would love to see them.

  3. Wonderful little books, Jewels! I will be so happy to receive these and add them to the swap mix. It was great to read about how you put them together too. I love your ATCs and the stamping over the music paper. yummy!!!!!! : 6 ) lenna

  4. Wonderful little books, Jewels. The details and
    style are great. Thank you for sharing your process.

  5. I came here from Lenna's after seeing the beautiful books that you've created. The details of how they came about are very helpful. Thank you. penny