Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Project

Wow did not realize it had been a couple of weeks since I posted. It has been incredibly busy here at Maple Hill. I did manage a couple of projects this weekend - my Prayer Flags are coming along for Lenna's swap but I'll save showing those till later.
I have been redecorating around the house. The Master Bedroom (which we had not changed since 2000 and had very dark decorating)  got a good cleaning and a few additions starting with this bookshelf that I thrifted. Took 2 hours on Saturday to clean. I thought it was in pretty decent shape until I started using some TSP on it (heavy duty cleaner that I swear by). I had to be careful but man there was a lot of "yellow" gook (hopefully not patina, LOL, or nicotine, just dirt) to remove. There are spindles on the side that took some extra work.
But it came out wonderful so I loaded it up with old books and photos. I like the one of me mainly because of the frame - how retro is that! (ugh, won't tell you how long ago that was)
I have English tins all over the place - the little toffee tin was a special find as I remember getting those when I was young - so sorry I never kept any of them...
I also thrifted (separately) a couple of chairs that just so happen match the book can tell I live in a woodlot - this room faces the North so not much sunlight. However, it has been a blessing this summer with the heat!
The chairs look nice with some of my vintage embroidery and quilts...
I'm liking it - still have some additional things to work on but I'm pretty happy (on to the next room - its never ending :>). Hope your having a productive (or lazy!) weekend. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Marvelous bookcase - I love finds like that, and I didn't know you have some great old quilts. Love both of them but especially the scrap stars on the bed. I only use mine in the guest room since the dog sleeps with us. :-( Cool that the chairs match each other from different sellers. I like your room a lot with the view of the trees.

  2. Hi Julie, I too have been remodeling. We have scrapped all of the wallpaper off of the master bedroom and bath. What a terrible job. Them we had the painter come in and I got my walls the prettiest and softest mossy green ever. I love it. Then off to Home Goods for some much needed and improved accessories. I would love to move on to the kitchen next and of course there is wallpaper in that area also. Thanks for sharing your redos.

  3. Everything's looking lovely, including those bookshelves. I love the photos, that big one of you in the retro frame is so cute! Your quilts are really pretty. I am rather jealous of all the space you have in your bedroom!


  4. What a beautiful room! I can imagine it was the best room to be in when the heat strikes. My living room is the same cool haven for me.
    The framed picture of you is very cute and I understand your affection for the frame. The towel rail and chairs all look wonderful in the room and your shelving find is wonderful. It 'scrubbed up' well :0) x

  5. Room looks very cool and peaceful Jewel.
    *Consider taking out word verification as Blogger catches all the spam anyway. I removed mine so as to make comments quicker and easier.

  6. What a lovely room Jewels...Beautiful bookcase, and the cute framed pics , but I LOVE your patchwork quilts!! Jan x

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