Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garden Sculptures

Earlier this year I read through Julie Cameron's The Artists Way. Now I want to say up front there is a lot of stuff in her book I found well, rather annoying. But there were some things that did stick with me. I started daily journal-ling (comes and goes in spurts now) which at the time was very helpful. I also liked the concept of a personal "art date" (though I will take it with friends if they are around).
I decided to treat myself to an art date this past Friday. I live in a town that is the home base for a major corporation. As a result, we have a lot of things a town our size typically would not.  
We are very fortunate to have a city Garden which really is an oasis from the surrounding street noises. 
There has been a display of Michigan artists sculptures in the garden over the summer and I decided to go take a look.
Not all were inspiring but some really were standouts (I thought).
The garden also has some long time features that anyone local would recognize.
I thought this garden patch with bird houses representing different local public schools was neat.
There were some unusual plants but overall the flowers were showing signs of the long hot summer we have had. I read that apple crops are early this year (what there is) so don't be waiting for autumn to start getting - seems very odd. 
There are "red" bridges through out the garden.
And permanent sculptures which are quite impressive.
Anyway, I spent a good two hours wandering around - good for the soul :). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Looks like a lovely day of wandering around a pretty place - good for you. My little burg has no such wonderfulness, alas. The still water is calming and those black peppers are intriguing. Glad you had a good day.

  2. Thanks for taking us along! That looks like a lovely place. I have never made it much farther than the first couple chapters of that book ... I keep tryin', though!

  3. Wow,when things are right in your backyard you sometimes forget about them. Thanks for the reminder and the virtual tour.

  4. Dow Gardens is a magical place. I have been there many times and it's gorgeous all times of the year. Haven't been there for a while since walking too far is sometimes a problem. Another wonderful place to go take pictures is Dahlia Hill. That never disappoints, either. Good show, Julie! Carol

  5. What a beautiful place to go and 'get lost' for awhile. Our local park is big but not much in the way og 'nooks' or twists and turns - I'm more likely to 'get lost' in a museum of local history. I think it's important that every town has somewhere away from the hustle & bustle of everyday grind. Those of us that have that are so very lucky.
    Hope your weekend is going well and full of happiness :0)

  6. WOW Jewels very awesome and so close!! Are you talkig about Dow Chemical? Don't ya love it when you can go somewhere and it's not a million miles away!! Thanks for sharing. I do love our state of Michigan alot!! Take care, XOXO Love, Fran.

  7. Such a wonderful place, I loved looking at all the photos. I'm glad it helped to recharge your soul batteries too :)