Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

I'm taking a little "me time" this afternoon and catching up on artsy things. I joined Lenna's Prayer Flag Swap which is due in September. The good news is I am on pace to get mine out the door shortly.
These were fun and different for me. It was a perfect day to take them outdoors so I could photograph them. 
You need to make 3 and send to Lenna - I will get 3 back from different people in return.
I had some ground rules for myself - the first being "use what you got". Fortunately that was not much of a stretch.
Second was to do something different - I had not printed on Vellum before but wanted my words to be on transparent background - wahoo.
Third - bright colors - I think I achieved that as well!
The dimensions are 5 x 8 though mine have that extra bit of trim at the bottom that make them longer. I used fabric as well as old linen place mat, stamped on muslin and inked for background color...
and of course buttons.
I am also making an additional 2 for my Mail Art buddies (Beth and Leslie) but will wait to show them later (they are different to these three). Enjoy! Jewels


  1. Your flags are so pretty...especially LOVE your 'Thankful' one ...but they're all super beautiful!...Have a great weekend! :)

  2. These are all gorgeous - I really like the bright colours and layering :)

    I've just started my flags, I hope to get them finished over the next week......


  3. Very pretty, Julie! Had not heard of prayer flags - are they like banners? See you Sunday!!! Carol

    1. Carol I will bring them over so you can see Hugs J

  4. Jewels, these turned out so beautifully! I started out well and then got stuck and can't come up with ideas for mine. I hope to get unstuck soon.

  5. Have you decided how you're going to pack them yet Jewels? :0) x

  6. These are beautiful! If you want to do a swap on the side, send me an email. I've become obsessed with making them. You can see some of them at