Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden and Thrifts

Maple Hill has been "blooming" lately. We've had an early summer and plenty of rain...
The lilies are especially pretty right now while I wait for my daisies and coneflowers to bloom...
My "seniors craft" is looking pretty good...
and I can't believe how long my violets have lasted (but I'm not complaining).
Meanwhile, I've had several thrift moments over the past few weeks (including some items given to me).
How sweet is this?
And what about this lovely piece of silk...
Any guesses what this is (a friend found at a garage sale and gave to me)...

Some sort of "collar" (though it has very short sleeves)?
Also some wonderful old lace for collages

This will get "refurbished" and used for cottage photos I think...

And old books (thrifted for the covers)
Finally, I always wanted to read this book (don't know how I've managed not to). I had heard a story recently on NPR about Anchee Min who had read The Good Earth and was so moved that she wrote Pearl of China as a tribute to Buck .....a few weeks later I found this old edition in the village library book "sale" near our cottage (where you donate however much you think is appropriate in the jar at the front door). This is a keeper for me...

Have a wonderful weekend! Jewels


  1. Great finds!!! I went to an antique festival up north and found a great old rocking chair painted in the perfect teal color. I paid 70 dollars for it and I would have paid 100 if she was asking. lol I am one happy girl. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and it was fun finding yours. I enjoy this post about the lace and the old Pearl Buck book, what finds you have there. I'm your lastest follower.
    Take Care

  3. Hi Jewels, your lilies are so pretty. Mine bloomed and were pretty but now they are looking a little shabby!! I think being gone for a week and no water didn't help out to much!! LOL Alot of my plants are kinda shabby!! Great thrift items! and that book was meant to be yours for sure!!! How awesome! XO FRan.

  4. Really pretty pictures! And you made some wonderful purchases thrifting. I love the old lace and crochet pieces - they will be so pretty on artwork. I always wonder why people get rid of the pretty old things - but not everyone likes that sort of thing. That's good since there is more of it for those of us who do. The flowers are really coming into their own now with some heat. Your lillies are gorgeous. Carol

  5. Jewels, I'm betting that thing that looks like a collar with sleeves is a yoke. That wouldn't have occurred to me before, but I found a whole bunch of 1910-1920s crochet books at a rummage sale, and apparently crocheting yokes (for nightgowns, I guess?) was quite the rage. Fun stuff you've found!