Friday, June 4, 2010

The Things We Keep

Funny the things we keep... I was going through some boxes the other day and found the usual - old cards, letters, photos, school art - things you would expect to find...

...and then there are always those things that bring back memories (kinda sorry, I don't know if I still have all my facts straight). Take for example Bunny - who certainly has seen better days.

Bunny was used to store my PJs - and I slept with him for many years - he survived a few good washings and at least one major surgery to sew his head back on...funny...

Or what about my Topsy

Doll... A present from my Grandmother (or Aunt, can't remember which) in England. At one time she actually had little plastic faces on each side but they eventually broke off...funny...

Then there is one of my very view "oriental" pieces. All I remember is being at home in bed with a terrible ear ache and my Dad, who had just been on a business trip to California, bringing back and giving me this bamboo plate - still have after all these years...funny...

I was not really a big doll fan when I was young - but for some reason my parents and Uncle at the time thought it very important for me to be "diverse" in my naturally I had to have a white doll and a black doll.

Here is the Christmas photo the year I received one of them...funny...
Of course I'm really the only one that all of these things have true meaning for. Maybe a younger relative will want them - but then again maybe not - but I don't mind (anyway, I really think they'd rather have my money, what there is of it, don't think I could convince them these are all "antiques" LOL).
While they're still all mine I'll pull them out every now and then and have a good memory...


  1. I think dad still has those encyclopedia's in the back ground of that Christmas photo!!!! That must be where you get the "hang on to things" part of you. It's ok, I inherited it too, I still have "Tiny Tears" and "Big Teddy". They are both well past 40 now! I remember every one of those things you have on this blog but I didn't think you still had bunny...........
    It's nice to know our parents were "equal opportunity" gift givers LOL. As for the money part, the next time "The Antique Road Show" comes to your area, make it a point to take all these things with you for an inheritance depends on it! HAHAHA Just teasin
    J xoxoxo

  2. I love stuff like that! Actually, the only thing I have from my childhood is a little cupboard that my dad made me. I will have to take it's photo and post it one day. We didn't have much in the way of toys but still had fun. Oh, yes, I do have a Red Ryder bb gun - the kind that could cause you to shoot your eye out!! Will find that, also! Fun post, Julie! Carol

  3. I found a box that my mom kept all of our school stuff in when we brought them home. She must have kept four of them,one for each of us. Mine has art work, old school papers, award and even all of my report cards. After looking them over perhaps they will remain in the box. I think I expressed to my kids that I was a great student and may have missed some of the b's and c's that were overlooked when sharing.

  4. Hi there!
    I'm just having a quick look at your lovely blog!
    Thank you for visiting mine and leaving such a nice comment!

    Sal ;-)x

  5. Truly this was the sweetest post. I wish I had saved the gifts brought home from a father's travel trips or favorite sleeping companions. I think your post has reminded me not to nag my children to throw away their childhood toys that I can't possibly imagine will mean anything in the future. Your cabin remodel is just wonderful! Sorry those Granola Bars nearly kept you from it! Too funny. Have a lovely week, Elizabeth

  6. Hey Jewels! I am back from vacation now! Your right this post is alot like mine!! Oh the memories!! that bunny is so adorable!! I love the black and white photo of you and your Mom!! there's just something about it!! kinda like it takes you home again!!! XO Fran.