Sunday, June 13, 2010

England 1, USA 1

The flags were hungThe TV set to the right station
Friends gathered
Even the three in the back (award for most funny comments during the game) - sorry, the light was not too good

And hubby (standing) had a great time (which is all that matters) - perhaps fitting it was a tie game - everyone left happy. Oh well, still a month to go of games! Cheers, Jewels


  1. It looks like you all had some kind of fun together. I know how you love your dogs as do I. We got a rescue boxer on Sunday and she is just so pretty. She is a little bigger than I am use to but a great friend for me to walk with in the mornings. So far the family and I just love her. Her name is Olive. I will try to send you and Carol a photo of her when someone can help me with it.

  2. I tried to pay attention to that game, really I did - but I just cannot get excited over soccer! I liked the national anthems! But it was all downhill from there for me.