Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls on the Run is FUN!

Today was the end of season 3 mile run for Girls on the Run. It is a GREAT program for young girls Grades 3-5. They spend 10 weeks after school doing Life Lessons combined with exercise all culminating in a 3 mile run. They even get their own running shoes as part of the program. For June we always hook up with the Dow Run here in Midland which has some pretty serious runners. We had over 100 girls and their "running buddies" (including moi!) participating.
Lots of warm up exercises to get us going - it was a bit nippy (low 60's) so some girls were borrowing jackets to stay warm. Notice the lovely painted hair!
We had our own start time so a swarm of Green Shirts waited for the "go" signal.

I started running (we use that word loosely) with two girls - one who just took off and another, Alicia here, who unfortunately developed a stitch in her side (dang) - however, the purpose is NOT to compete, but to finish what you start - and she did along with rest of the girls! Every girl gets a medal to - Good for you Alicia!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful organization, Julie. THank you for giving your time and talents to such a great aged group of girls. I hope that you all had fun. The rain held back for you all thankfully.

  2. You and Alicia look mighty cute in your green shirts. Bet you had a lot of fun with that. I think my daughter did something similar last fall or maybe last spring with little girls. I'll have to ask her about it. See you Tuesday!! Carol

  3. Green has always been a good colour for you. Congrats on a great day ! You go girl!!!
    J xox