Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi everyone - I am getting ready to hit the road but thought I'd leave you with a challenge before I go...
I picked up an old BHG book on Patchwork and Quilting (1977) and in it was this pattern. I had seen it before in another one of their publications but with no instructions so I was happy to find this! While I don't want to do a full Twin size I think it would make a cute wall hanging (not sure if I'd use the same colour scheme though). Imagine my disappointment when I turned the page and found this as the "pattern" for each block (ughhhhh) - the old 1 square = 1 inch....Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "easily" blow up the pattern (there are 20 blocks in all). How on earth did they use to do it (directions - "Enlarge each block to its actual size using tracing paper" - no way jose!). I'd really appreciate hearing your suggestions - and any ideas on alternate colour schemes.
Meanwhile, we are off to the Homeland - if I can "log in" I will - if not, see you on the other side!


  1. Just sent you an email re the patterns telling you about doing it on a scanner - or at a copy center. Technology is wonderful today in doing away with that "crap" - I actually used to enlarge things that way and it's no fun! Have a wonderful trip! Carol

  2. Hey on the road girl, i just saw that you posted on Carol's Blog. I hope that you are having fun. Did you bring a take along project to work on poolside. lol