Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grateful Any Day

I know lots of bloggers choose days of the week to list things they are grateful for – and our Guild Prez likes to start our meetings with her “gratefuls” ..To buck a trend, so to speak, I decided I’d post from time to time (in other words, Any Day) things I’m grateful for. And not the usual stuff (OF COURSE I’m grateful for my hubbie and family and the fact that everyday I gain consciousness to fight the good fight to called Life) …

So here are some things that came to mind recently (no particular order).

I am grateful for…

…a really good ham sandwich. When the heavens align and a. the bread is fresh b. the ham is perfect c. the “good”mustard (French’s of course) is in the fridge (hubbie just thinks it’s the worst stuff on the planet) I can’t think of anything better – awesome. (Note: I personally don't add the cheese like in the pic, but I thought it was a good one so used it - makes me hungry looking at it). Come to think about it, I've always had a thing for cooked ham - I once told a boyfriend I loved him as much as cooked ham - needless to say that relationship did not last :-<.
I am grateful for…
…finishing a run. Not because I set a goal for the day and completed it (how noble). I’m just grateful the dang thing is over and done with – geesh, like I enjoy exercising to keep my girlie figure! Yah I get this magazine and yah I will NEVER look like her (sniff)...
I am grateful for…
…stitching a straight line. Yes it seems the older I get the more wobbly I am – really. And I know that standing 10 feet away you will never see it – but there are times that ¼” seam just does not want to work – so I am VERY grateful when I finish a line and there it is, a perfect 9 ½ score (I’m never that accurate) - I'm Queen of the world!
Finally, today and everyday, I am grateful for…
…having all of you dropping in from time to time to see what’s up in my neck of the woods. Since I started just a few short months ago I’ve made some new friends and I appreciate all your comments, each and every one - so keep them coming.

Until my next Grateful Any Day … Cheers!


  1. I am off to MSU with my youngest son tomorrow for swim camp all week. He wasn't ready to stay in the dorm so i am getting a hotel room and staying down there with him. I have packed alot of projects and my sewing machine and i have saved some money in case i find a fabric shop or two. So I hope that my son is grateful that his mom is taking him to swimming camp. lol

  2. Nice post, Julie! Reading Leslie comment, we will have to tease her that she is probably making her son stay in the hotel so that she can sew and buy fabric!! Leslie is so much fun! And isn't blogging fun? Love it! Carol

  3. I'm with you on the ham sandwich... But not running...unless of course, it's to the fabric store :)
    How fortunate we are to have so many wonderful things in our lives to be grateful for.