Tuesday, June 16, 2009


...I've been VERY remiss. Remember a while back I found all those Doll patterns - and promised to send the Barbie ones out to whomever wanted them....well I finally got them in the post today! Granted I had some good excuses - business trip, vacation, sewing machine MIA... see I wanted to include something special for Marian living in a land down under - the final destination for those patterns - and of course that was when my machine got held captive for three weeks by the Repair Guy... anyway, what do you think? Carol provided me with the lovely graphic some weeks ago, and I found the quote in a picture on Elizabeth's blog (one of my favorite haunts). The vintage lace came from Beth. It's 5x7 and has a nice pink ribbon to hang it up (or it could be framed)...

Marian, if you are visiting, let me know when the package arrives...and I hope you like the little extra I added!


  1. Julie, that is so neat! You do such a wonderful job making those little treasures. I am sure Marion will be so thrilled to have the patterns and even more thrilled to get the darling little piece. Great job, my friend. Carol

  2. Love it love it love it- the colors, the image, the design and quote ties it all together perfectly.

  3. Isn't my big sister talented!!!!!! Very nice!
    One more week and you're on VACATION!! YaHoO!

  4. Hi Julie, I gave my redwork prize that you gave me to Barbara and she is going to put it on her lite box and try to recreate that wonderful design for us to do some day. I think you already know i love very much my prize from your online blog contest. You are a fun blogger.

  5. Hi! It's me! ..... and I just don't know what to say! I hadn't peeked in to your blog till now because the patterns have just arrived! They are perfect and the gift is just divine! Love, love, love, love, everything! Oh my, being an "isolated" down-under blogger, this gift is so precious, you made it especially for me, and it is gorgeous, and oh so special!! It will take pride of place in my new sewing room. I can't thank you enough Jewels - it is certainly an unexpected delightful surprise! I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the best holiday ever!
    ...cheers from Marian in "down-under" Oz