Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Room Blues

I'm sad...
...a little depressed actually...

My "fun room" is lonely...

I've been stacking up thrift finds
and project ideas...not able to get to them - sigh -

some thing is missing - and has been for THREE weeks!
promises have been made, but no signs of return yet - can you guess what it is? First person to answer correctly will get a "treat"...


  1. Is the room missing the embroidered pictures from Carol?

  2. Well my fun room would have a sewing machine in it. How about yours? Did I see a washer and dryer in your fun room. That is just wrong and needs to be moved elsewhere. lol

  3. The key thing missing is YOU!!!
    J xox

  4. Someone beat me to saying "you are missing"! I agree with Jxox. :-) Carol