Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the Birds...

Yesterday we had a relatively warm (60's) day and sunshine - a good day to get out and do the last of the gardening for the year. I still  have one flowering bush that, despite the colder temperatures, are keeping Maple Hill bees busy - I decided not to cut it back so they can get their last "food" for the season...

Its also time to bring out the bird feeders - which I know attract all kinds of other wildlife to our house (deer, squirels (black and brown), chipmunks - okay the chippies live here year round despite my best efforts...). But there is something about seeing woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and hearing the chikadees that just make my day - so I think it is a good trade off.
Speaking of birds...hubby and I went and saw a really nice movie last night - The Big Year - I did not know what to expect as the three leads - Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson - are known for there over the top comedy. But in this movie they did a wonderful job of playing three very different individuals that are avid bird watchers trying to win an annual "birding" competition. No slapstick, crude language or obligatory sex scenes (which I have nothing against, but its nice to see a movie without all those elements). I highly recommend it - especially if you love birds... Enjoy Jewels


  1. Thanks for recommending the movie I will be sure to tell Janet from the guild and our next door neighbor as they bird watch daily together at the State Park in Bay City. I may go and see it also.

  2. Haven't heard of the film - it hasn't made it's way to the UK yet, but I'll look out for it. I like all 3 actors (Steve Martin in The Man With 2 Brains made me laugh SO much!) so it sounds like one to watch out for.

    What a wonderful variety of "WOW' birds you get in your garden.


  3. Lots of birds at our feeders too. We enjoy watching our birdies all year round even though they eat us out of house and home and picket when they are out of feed. Love Steve Martin movies...Ill be watching for it. Found any new coool books lately, Jewels?