Friday, October 14, 2011

Dancing with the Stars

I don't actually follow Dancing with the Stars but the gal I've been seeing for Physical Therapy sure does and I get an update every week on the results. She seems a little perturbed I don't recognize most of the names of the supposed "stars" - not that I actually do want to know who these people are...But at a minimum I thought I should brush up on my knowledge of dance steps when I thrifted "Walk Your Way to Better Dancing" written in 1952. Who knew! And here I thought you actually had to dance your way to better dancing (sigh). That aside, I've been intrigued by the pictures and the instructions for preparation to walk your way to dancing.

Like this one on Body Control. According to the text I may have slovenly habits as a result of my desk job - oh dear. Do you think the cigarette in her hand is actually helping her posture? Seems to be at a different angle where she is "correct" don't you think. Still, I don't plan to take up smoking any time soon... ;>

There are chapters on the Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Conga and (my favorite) the Lindy Hop which inspired this ATC. Ah for the days when a Man was a Man and a Girl was a Girl (seriously if I was her I'd kick him in the shins) ... Enjoy, Jewels


  1. Even her hair has incorrect posture!! Love the ATC, great picture and I really like that fancy footwork guide.


  2. what an excellent tribute to dancing with the stars jewels! thank you much for sharing :)

  3. I love this ATC. Where do you get such interesting/weird books? It's like a whole education. Never heard of such things, but truly amazing. It looks like a jumble of feet. Great job as always, Jewels.