Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Staple Collage - Hearts and Tea

Awhile back I posted about an exchange with my pal Mo - we decided to do a One Staple the time hers had not arrived across the big pond and we were both quite concerned what happened to it. In fact, Mo decided to send another!
Well the good news - her first piece - after many, many weeks finally arrived albeit in pretty rough shape. The postal service actually put it in one of their "we are sorry we trashed your mail but here it is" envelopes LOL.
How sweet - love the colours....AND
Wee Man, her grandson Logan, also included a piece for me which is now in residence with Mr. Darcy in my office at work...I had some very nice comments from co-workers about it...AND
She added a bunch of lovely bits and pieces for me to use in future projects (heh, how did she know I have a thing for David Tennant - reading The Bride of Lammermoor of all things!!!)...AND
This week her second piece arrived - I collect tea cups so it was very fitting and now is on display on my tea cup shelf...
Thanks so much Mo and Logan! I hope we can do again ( but without another postal incident!!!!). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Hurrah!! I am so happy that all bits reached you eventually. The first envelope looks like something was feeling peckish so took a few nibbles out of it, lol. I'm really happy you got them, and like them. I will show Wee Man your post later on, I'm sure it will make him smile. Enjoy the weekend with Mr D {{Hugs}} x

  2. Fun collages, I need to try that again.
    I once had a piece of mail returned to me after 19 MONTHS. It was in a USPS envelope with a note that said after so long a time, they feared it was no longer relevant so returned it to me instead of sending it along to the addressee. Unreal.

  3. Lovely works of art you have received. The postal service has been dismal for a very long time...and getting overly expensive. Creative Bliss...

  4. Super one-staple collages - I'm so glad the first one turned up, and hey, this way you got a bonus one too!

    Logan's picture is adorable, it's so happy :)