Saturday, April 18, 2015

DLP Week 14 and 15

I find if I don't take the time I just don't get around capturing the story for each of my DLP pages! Work has been extremely busy, and distracting, but things are slowing down and there is a light at the end of the tunnel to which I say HURRAH!!!!! I can get back to things I really like to do. AND there are lots of little projects planned for Maple Hill again this summer (more on that later)... 

DLP Week 14 was all about water colours - not something I do much with. 
In fact I think I forced it to work like acrylics - but it worked. 
The prompt was "water under the bridge" - frankly I have found most of the prompts rather "heavy" so I have chosen to reinterpret or just go my own way altogether.... I enlarged an ATC I made a few years back and incorporated it into my page.
Week 15 was acrylics - now that I can get into. I recently took a walk in a nearby park and came across a lovely patch of pussywillows - just love them. 
And they always remind me of one of my favorite Gordon Lightfoot songs. 
So did my own interpretation - and it had no connection with the prompt "cry me a river" lol except to say I am crying tears of joy that Spring is finally here!!! My first daffodil finally bloomed (and yes it's April 18th!!!). Enjoy, Jewels

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  1. Super pages, both of them - and my favourite is your Spring-like pussywillow spread. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.