Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reconstruction Mail Art

Has it really been that long since I posted (April???). I must say I lost steam with DLP - lots of other things going on that took my focus away from it. I am happy to say I am very much into ICAD 2015 and so far have met my daily commitment to myself to make quick art...still time to join if you are interested.

Meanwhile back at Maple Hill...Jo, Lenna and I decided to try reconstruction collage for our latest swap. Lenna had taken an online class with Randel Plowman and it turns out all three of us have his book, The Collage Workbook (check out pages 58 and 59 if you have it). Here is what we came up with!
Lenna's arrived first - she did a mix of strips from magazines then did some stamping and a light dose of gesso - very nice.
And a lovely envelope to go with it - she has some of the coolest stamps I have ever seen!
Jo's finally made it over the pond from England. I would love to see the stash of old National Geographics she keeps dipping into! She took a different approach in how she cut up her picture - she has a shiny gold paint around each block.
And then she did a reconstructed face for her envelope...which she slipped into a plastic sleeve to send (hence no address). Another bang up job from both of my peeps!
I seem to recall it was a pretty cool day when I made mine - it has taken forever for summer to finally get here (which it has I am happy to say). My card for Lenna and Jo started with this advert from one of my old BHG mags (1950's).
I forgot to take a pic of the second picture I used for Lenna's card - but I think you can figure out it was flowers in a garden lol. I told Lenna this would have been her and hubby Steve in the 50's enjoying the outdoors!
Using the same picture I was able to get Jo's collage also! But I combined her's with a 7-Up ad for summer drinks!
The colours were a great match! And I am still chuckling about that little dog admiring the man's hot dog (ahem).....
I was stumped at first about the envelopes but found this picture which I cut in half and crossed over the two - a nice way to "connect" my two friends  :)
Next challenge - collective nouns - oh the possibilities! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. This was such a cool swap - I enjoyed both the creating and, of course, the receiving :) You used WONDERFUL images.

    I love what you did with the envelopes to connect me and Lenna!


  2. SUPERB ideas and executions. You guys are all so darn good at what you do. I never fail to be impressed and enjoy looking. It's good to see your daily ICAD's Jewels. Many thanks for your comments. Wee Man is having a good time too. he has a couple of awesome cards coming.up. Yup! He's ahead in the making and ahead of me! Lol.
    {{Hugs}} xo

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