Monday, November 23, 2009

If You Go Out In The Woods Today... out for Teddy Bears! I really don't know how it got started but somehow my Christmas decorations consist of a large contingent of little fur balls.

I have this old sleigh I rescued from the road side trash (apparently that is against the law in my fair town so lucky I was not caught - but seriously, people throw out the best things!). It is filled with bigger fellows.

And here is my tree. It was too dark for my photo shoot so a full shot of the tree really looks like a black blob so I'm going for close ups.

I have bears from everywhere and everyone.

Even Australia...

I have other things too - remember him Sis?

Here are some more...

I even have a "Care Bear" hubby gave me when we were "courtin" (he told me I was such a dweeb when I showed it to him last night, but he smiled and gave me a peck anyways - I guess I'm a lovable dweeb).

Well we are off to Canada for the long weekend. Master Gryphon's leg is holding up and Miss Gwendoline is packed (she will hate every mile there - not a car dog at all). I look forward to telling you about our adventures when I get back (though really I'd rather not have adventures and just catch up on my sleep deficit....). Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and see you on the other side. Jewels.

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  1. Mum was just asking me on the weekend if you put all your bears out. I assured her that you did and she will be VERY pleased when I tell her what you've done with them. The sleigh idea is so cute I love it!! Who says you didn't get the decorating gene!!!!
    I remember the Guard - that seems like ages ago I made those - boy time flys!
    Have a safe trip and unless you are hitting Sarnia at the right time I don't think I'll see you on Monday as that is my busiest day for classes.
    Love ya! xoxoxo