Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can Anyone Tell Me....

..what happened to October? Did I just not post about it being my favorite month? Don’t blink ‘cause I have a feeling November will go by even faster! I don’t know about you but it always feels like the last three months of the year go by in such a hurry and then we have the beginning of a new year to recover (sigh)! Oh well, here is some November poetry from one of my recent book purchases to get you in the mood…

November is a quite month
That holds its breath, it seems,
While Mother Earth prepares the land
For winter’s lengthy dreams…

Carice Williams


  1. You know what comes after November? CHRISTMAS!!!and the ho ho man!
    Jen xo
    and something about vegetable lasagna........NOT

  2. I made a snowflake quilt and around it I painted a winter child's poem, I just may have to attatach this sweet little poem to a quilt also. Children's Literature is a great love of mine. If I go to a book store the first area that i visit is the children's section. When I taught I always gave my students a reading from the book we were following and a poem a day before they left for home. When the day got really busy the kids would beg me to make sure we had time for our poem. They really take only a minute to share with a child.

  3. Julie, what a nice post - you come up with such good ones and such scrumptious pictures. I also loved the post on Pass the Tiara with all the lovely pictures and the nice prose thanking the quilter responsible for the quilts. We do have a great group! I, too, am amazed that October is gone already. Anymore, time just goes by way too fast! Carol