Monday, March 9, 2009

Could Not Wait!

Well our big Quilt Show (scroll down on this link to see the details) is this weekend and our Guild is scramblin to get ready. There was a great story about our featured quilter, Leslie, in the local paper. Meanwhile, we have a regular Guild meeting tomorrow night which means our monthly Artist Trading Cards have to be ready! I know at least one of my ATC partners visits my blog but I could not WAIT to post my creations - besides, this month none look exactly the same so while I still have them all...

This month the theme was Bling.

The "blingyer" (is that a word?) the better.

BUT I always try to use only what I have already and not buy more embellishments

That said, I think they turned out quite nice, don't you? And I'm not even sure which one I want to keep for myself..


  1. Julie - Those are gorgeous!!! Dibs on first pick! On relooking at them, I find it hard to determine which one I would choose - each is as lovely as the other three. You did good, girl! I will be so happy with any one of them.

  2. Just me again - I neglected to say how neat it is that you put a link to the article about Lelsie in your blog!

  3. You know what I think about bling---it's a good thing!!!
    Beautifully done Julie.

  4. Saw a link to your blog on Funoldhag's page and wanted to come see your pictures also. I don't really know anything about quilting or any of that but I think it is cool and amazing work that you guys are doing.