Sunday, March 15, 2009

What A Great Show!

Over 250 folks came by to see our work - we are all very flattered of course - but then again we do such great work (no modesty here!). Carol has already posted some shots so be sure to check her blog. Meanwhile, here are a few I captured. It just keeps getting better every year...

Linda's Quilt greeted you as you came in to the main area.

Karen's Pink Lone Star was one of my favorites (you can never get enough pink!)

I have to show you the Round Robin Quilts I contributed to...

Lori's "Protect Your Nuts" (an inside joke)- the squirrels were my add ;->

Carol's Colorful Christmas - doves, bells and stocking..

Bonnie's Winter Friends - the little chap on the sled

I also just loved, loved, loved Karen's Peter Rabbit - she also had a Teacup one but I could not get a good shot of - and this picture certainly does not do Karen's and Carol R's quilting justice..
Finally, we had Alice's very old Egyptian quilts - real conversation pieces (who knew Nefrititi was a quilter ;->). Enjoy!


  1. Gosh, it really was a great show. I think your bazaar was a success. I hope that my family left room in your van for you to drive it home safely. lol Thanks for all of the work you did. Leslie

  2. It really was a wonderful show - I think we have such an exceptional group of talented gals. Will be anxious to hear how much money we took in on the bazaar. That a great moneymaker it is and you set it up so nicely. By the way, tell your DH that I think his new car is good looking! See you soon, Julie.