Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the Winner is!

Lately my hubby has been following the manly pursuit of buying a new car. To give him credit, he did do his research. Currently he drives a 1999 Durango - very clunky and over 120,000 miles (he does a lot of driving). He boiled it down to 3 choices - all which we test drove..
A Toyota RAV4

Nope - thought this was the worst of the three - felt "cheap" compared to the other two (which of course NONE of them are). Sales Rep - hyper TJ...

A Subaru Forester
Better, however the passenger seat was low to the ground while the driver was able to adjust up so high my hubby was talking "down" to me! Can't have that. Sales Rep - Polish Bob - I kid you not, it was right on his business card - like buying from your Granddad....

And the winner (two thumbs up) a Honda CR-V - Sweet... Even the picture looks better! Sales Rep - laid back AJ

So we are off today, between Quilt show coverage, to buy it...I know my hubby is psyched - this is the car most of his pals are also interested in and he will be the first kid on the block (so to speak) to have one. Of course this is his birthday present (so happens March 29th is the big day) for the next 10 years (probably Christmas to)... Good news is, I need a new car to! Hmmmmm...


  1. Oh boy, I hope he got to pick a sassy color, because don't you know if he keeps a car as long as his past reveals, it better be a great color. lol See you tomorrow, and Melissa told me how great the bazaar has been doing so far. Great Job, Julie.

  2. Hey Jule, Just dropped by to see what you are up to and say hi. Pretty exciting stuff buying a new car - I have the itch really bad but am hanging in there with my van for a while longer. Honda really is our favourite car manufacturer - have not gone wrong so far. Syd is on March break next week and is signed up for a camp here in town - although tomorrow she is doing the St John Ambulance - stay at home alone/babysitting course at my office - I am looking forward to bringing her in the office with me. We are all well and anxiously awaiting spring! Hope this weekend is not a teaser. Hope you and Alan are well - Happy Birthday (upcoming) Alan!!

  3. Smart move! My silver Honda CRV is almost 10 years old...I love it and I'm keeping it! I came home with a stack of old magazines from the quilt show yesterday. I needed those? : ) Great show...see you later when we are packing it all up for the day!
    barbara jean at Spellboundhouse