Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Staple Collage - Beautiful

A few weeks back I actually had time for a full out artsy weekend (sigh, those were the days)....everything done was mail art, mail art, mail art...
I asked one of my peeps, Mo, if she would be interested in doing a swap and she agreed to try a One Staple Collage. Both of us have been waiting patiently for hers to arrive over the big pond (come on Postal Service, what's going on?).
Mine did find it's way to Scotland - Mo lives near Moray Firth which sounds extremely romantic to an inland bound soul like myself living in mid Michigan LOL...I did Google it and, like any place in Great Britain, it has a rich history. I actually found in one of my vintage travel books a map of the area which I used for the back of the envelope - seemed perfect. 
And the lady on the front is looking between North America and Europe....
I loved how this one turned out - and of course it was not what I had originally planned (it NEVER is).....I really enjoyed doing these so if anyone out there would like to try let me know....would love to do again (though I can't guarantee when lol)...Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Annd it's alll mine! :D Lol It is even more fabulous irl, and I was very impressed that you had a Moray Firth map! Wee Man was amazed, Lol
    I feel just terrible that mine hasn't arrived with you yet, really quite sad in fact :( I haven't told Wee Man yet as he will be most upset that his picture for you is lost. Still keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn up soon.
    Hope you've had/are having a fab weekend {{Hugs}}

  2. Love it!

    I hope Mo's turns up, I know how disappointing it is when something goes astray :(


  3. Love the collages! Great mail.
    And I am waiting for long overdue mail from a mail art pal in Germany (to SF) so i know the feeling. Hope we both get our mail.

  4. One staple collages are right up there with Karen's 3 element collages in terms of difficulty. Gotta find items that fit together and tell a story. Great job at both!