Monday, March 16, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 10 - Doodling

March Theme - Making your Mark (Doodles and Mark Making)
Art Challenge:As a Layer Element
Journal Prompt: Surviving the Elements


Okay so having a very short attention span I got overly focused on one word - doodle - and that just set me off. I probably should have read things more carefully but that's okay. All I know is that I seem to recall I flunked Zentangles so was curious to know if I was going to figure this one out LOL.
I had actually found instructions on taking a picture and doodling on it for an ATC in Bernie Berlin's book Artist Trading Card Workshop. I found this picture and thought I could do something with all those polka dots. By the way, did you hear that polka dots were in fashion this summer..but I digress.
So I started with the background - layers of paint, stenciling and my, ahem, doodles....
I then added her in and started painting and doodling some more.
So here it is - bring Week 11 on as this one is DONE! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Jewels, your doodles are fantastic! I cannot believe you "flunked" Zentangle!! This is so detailed and artistic... I give you an A+!!

  2. Superb doodling Jewels!! Zentangling is just fancy pants doodling. And your whole page is fabulistic :D {{Hugs}} :o)) x

  3. Wow! Love it. I don't think you can flunk Zentangles, but even if you thought you had, this disproves that theory. What a fun challenge.

  4. What an awful outfit. Goodness. Your version is much better. I think your finished spread is great - good colors and lots of doodling.

    1. Leslie I absolutely agree - sort of looks like a clown suit! LOL